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DAY 3 – Day Log from the Higuero Operations Centre.

Day 3, Santo Domingo, Haiti.

The international airports of Port au Prince and Las Americas International airport, suffered today one of the most heavy traffic situation in history. International carriers, military and helicopters of every type were present or arriving from all parts of the world with help to Haiti.

The president of the Cibao International airport, Feliz Garcia, offered the United Nations all the facilities of the airport, so the national and international flight could operate from Santiago and relieve the overload on the other airports. The Dominican Naval Auxiliaries also informed that the Multimodal Caucedo Port in Santo Domingo. The biggest in the country, located next to Las Americas Airport offered all support necessary and handling of all humanitarian cargo. The same offer was stated from the Fort Laganudardale Port in the United States


The United Nations Program in the DR, PNUD, together with the IDAC ( Dominican Civial Aviation Insititute ) who is the authority controlling the Dominican airspace and the Dominican Naval Auxiliaries , increased their efforts to coordinate rescue , water, medicine and food missions to the thousands of survivors who are currently on extreme survival conditions in Haiti.


Planes that we able to fly, including Spain and Great Britain rescue teams among others, took off every half and hour to Haiti. Private Helicopters flew below 5,000 feet to the Puerto Principe Golf course avoiding the heavy aircraft traffic in the route.

Ambassadors of different countries were present at the center of operations of the Air Bridge, coordinating that the rescue efforts and donations of their countries were on the way to Haiti.


Tomorrow, more international aid is expected to arrive, coordination efforts are to be escalated, more Dominican airports are ready to serve all rescue flights and hopefully HELP will get to Haiti desperate people.