Aguas Blancas / Adventure@ 5,000+ feet

By December 4, 2009DESTINATIONS@DR

Located between mountains of the beautiful Valley of Constanza in Dominican Republic.  From Salto de Agua Blanca it is possible to appreciate the greatness of the Valley, its mountains and gardens, its main characteristic is the freshness of its climate, vegetation and its waters.


The authorities of Tourism of the city of Constanza are in a process of structuring of some Viewpoints to receive to the tourists and settlers of Constanza.  The road that leads to the White Water Jump in Constanza, is a total adventure, where you can enjoy the greenish and brown mountainous surroundings


Also visitors can buy all kinds of flowers and vegetable that is grown in the Constanza area, which are exported to all parts of the country and the United States.

Rancho Guaraguao-Constanza-DR