DAY 2, Santo Domingo-Haiti, Aerial Support Bridge is Operational

By January 13, 2010LOCAL NEWS, PHOTOS

The UN in Dominican Republic coordinated along with private pilots and government officials an support Air Bridge out of Higuero to Port Au Prince Airport. Today 19 airplanes and 14 helicopters made rescue and support flights to haiti.

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6:00 a.m.  El Higuero Airport, Santo Domingo.

Weather is good. All hands coordinating. Flights to Haiti are being prepared, food rations are at hand.

IDAC is preparing report of all private / commercial airplanes available to join the efforts. Anderson Cooper arrived and was sent to Haiti in one of the first Helicopters.

Later on, private pilots arrive at the airport, getting planes ready to help. The Marine Auxiliary Organization is at hand also provinding logistics and coordination help.

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Haiti airport is confirmed operation, Emergency frequencies are given 174.5 y 118.3

First Rescue Helicopter arrives, good and bad news. Mission Acomplished, family rescued, but situation in haiti much worse than imagined. Roads are closed due to landslides. Total devastation in Haiti.

At the end of the day. 19 planes and 14 helicopters have flown. Plane from Venezuela arrived. France plane on approach.

Next Step: Night Meeting at UN Headquaters to plan for Day 3.  More UN officiales arriving to Santo Domingo, a pilatus is ready for next morning to take the officials to Haiti. All planes and helicopters will fly again tomorrow.