Dominican and US Coast Guard Auxiliaries Sign Agreement

By September 13, 2010LOCAL NEWS
Jose Antonio Najri and Everette L. Tucker

Jose Antonio Najri and Everette L. Tucker

The Dominican Naval Auxiliary, a corps of civilians who provide specialized assistance participated as special guests in an international training conference to be held in the United States.

As a result the local and United Stated  Auxiliaries signed a cooperation agreement which includes cooperation in logistics, training in search and rescue procedures, first aid and navigation. The agreement will provide the Dominicans to direct access to the operations network and logistics data.

Delegation the Dominican Coast Guard Auxiliarys

Delegation of the Dominican Coast Guard Auxiliaries

The Auxiliary National commodore Jose Antonio Najri said  “We’re confident that this agreement will benefit our Navy by providing a more specialized assistance for its nonmilitary operations, such as search rescue, environmental protection and other activities,”

Admiral Robert J. Papp, Jr., US Coast Guard commandant hosted  the conference from August 26 to 28, with representatives expected from Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Canada and the Dutch Antilles.

“Auxiliarists are dedicated civilians who believe strongly in the Coast Guard and its missions. A hearty thank you is the only pay an Auxiliarist expects. Personally, we receive tremendous satisfaction for a job well done. We have proven valiant throughout the years and take the oath of membership seriously.

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