Dominican Republic starts ‘Flying Ambassador’ Service / AOPA gives “Green Light”

Some parts taken from Original Article published in AOPA Online By Thomas A. Horne, AOPA

For the first time in history, The Asociation of Private Pilots of the United States, (AOPA) with aproximately 480,000 members has given “Green Light” to all his members to Fly and visit the Dominican Republic.

Jose Thomas Perez, Director of IDAC and Jim Parker from CFA
Jose Thomas Perez, Director of IDAC and Jim Parker from CFA

The Dominican Republic Launched his “Flying Ambassadors” program, the service provides 24/7 personal assistance with flight planning, customs procedures, fuel availability, documentation, and other formalities.

Jim Parker, an experienced United States Pilot, Living in the Dominican Republic of Caribbean Flying Adventures has been designated the Dominican “goodwill ambassador” by the government. You can Contact him via e-mail or by telephone at 305/667-6282.

The  “Flying Ambassadors” program, was established by the IDAC, (The Dominican Institute for Private Aviation), The National Ministery of Tourism, the DA, ( Airports Department) and the Dominican Hotels Association ( Asonahores ).

Thomas A. Horne from AOPA Online stated in his Article:

“The Dominican Republic has it all, with 14 friendly, fee-free and hassle-free airports, spectacular, pristine beaches, casinos, night life, 75,000 hotel rooms, 10,000-foot mountain peaks, the highest airport in the Caribbean, the oldest city in the western hemisphere, and 26 ‘signature’ golf courses,” says the Dominican Republic Civil Aviation Authority”

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