Roger Bilham, Geologist Recon Flight in Haiti.

By February 10, 2010LOCAL NEWS

Roger Bilham and Omar Bros (

Roger Bilham, Geologist, flyes to Haiti while studying Earthquake and Enriquillo’s Fault. Multiple pieces of ¬†printout where in the Aerial Bridge Coordination Offices, for visitors to see and study the Haitian territory earthquake facts.

“Why in Haiti and not Dominican Republic?”, we asked Prof. Billham. and the replyed was: “Well, you just have to wait?, Could be tomorrow or in a thousand years” and proceded to explain the situation on the Enriquillo’s Fault on the island.

Roger Billham discoveries and studies were also being documented by Simon Ludgate, ¬†and are being aired on Discovery Channel “Haiti, Quiller Quake, Why it happened” special documentary. View Listings here, View Show here