Flight Around the World in an RV7


This is the story and Updates of  Detlef Heun & Liliana Tagliamonte
Right Now near the South Pole, read about it or go directly to their blog



We are ready to go. But today its raining. So we cannot fly to the south.

The fuel and skis are in the Antarctica but we are now too late for the South Pole. We will do it next year or as the last goal of our round the world flight. I thought, I could celebrate my birthday in the Antarctica, but in Azul we were in great company.

We stay another day here in Azul. A great place. A lot of help. Thanks to all of you, speciality to Fernando Hoursouripe.

February 2nd 2010

Today we got the spare parts.

We started first to take out the old parts, and suddenly a nut fell into the engine. it took 3 hours to fetch the nut!!

Within one hour the rest was done. Now, the system will work even full floaded with oil.

Thanks to LSE for your help! Your ignition system and support is great. Without the LSE ignition and the tuned Airflow injected system we are not able to cruise with TAS 150kts in 6000ft and only 6.5 GPH fuel flow. Incredible!

We did a couple of test flights, everything works fine again.

Another invitation. Jorge von der “La Posta del Viajero” in Azul came to the airport. It is a very famous meeting point for travellers from all around the world. It is a must to visit this place on the way to Ushuaia. And we did it, too. He invited us for a Asado. We met there a Japanese women on a world trip with her motorcycle. Yuki with her Suzuki. Thats always nice to met people from all around the world.
January 27th 2010