New Radar System for the Dominican Republic

By February 8, 2011LOCAL NEWS

José Tomás Perez, Director of IDAC

The Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC), directed by José Tomás Pérez, reported that initiated the modernization of radar systems, including primary and secondary radars in the International Airport of Las Americas and the primary surveillance radar from the International Airport Gregorio Luperon in Puerto Plata.

These radars have been operating since 1994, yet they continue to provide excellent service to the Dominican commercial aviation.

FAA officials decided to upgrade radar systems in the country after the damage recorded by the secondary radar terminal of the Americas, due to electric shock in mid-July 2005. The main components of this equipment has undergone a major renovation process, to ensure the quality, functionality of the system and the continuity of air traffic services and to continue to meet regional commitments undertaken by the State to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

IDAC explains that the project included the replacement of the radar system sensors in the “Las Americas” airport in two categories, primary and secondary models (TA10MTD and RSM970 Monopulse, respectively), by solid state Start2000 models and capacity RSM970S Mode “S”, the latest generation, built by the French company, Thales.

Monopulse Large Vertical Aperture antenna

The primary sensor of the surveillance radar in Puerto Plata International Airport will undergo a process of review and overhaul of its main components, whose improvement will be certified by the system manufacturer.

Also the secondary radar of the Americas will be removed, and will be strategically relocated to from Punta Cana and Las Americas, to service aircraft in the local airspace.