Simulators for the People, IDAC on Dominican Book Fair

By June 9, 2011LOCAL NEWS

Over 100 thousand people visit stand IDAC-ASCA International Book Fair
Breaks attendance record for the third consecutive year

SANTO DOMINGO .- For the third consecutive year, the stand of the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) and the Academy of Aeronautical Sciences (ASCA) has become the most visited of the International Book Fair of Santo Domingo 2011.

Over a hundred thousand people passed through its facilities since the opening of the XIV version of the event in the 4th to 22th of May, breaking all attendance records and more than seven thousand people flew in the flight simulator “Redbird”.

Line to Fly the RedBird Flight Simulator

The attractions that generates the flight simulator in which visitors can taste the sensation of piloting a plane, as well as a replica of a control tower and lectures on meteorology, caught the attention of most who attended the most important cultural festival in the country, whose theme this year was “A flight training aircraft.”

Secretary of State and general manager of FAA, Dr. Alejandro Herrera, expressed his pride that the flag of the institution he heads has the favor of the public who is interested in the range of offerings that it also displays the commitment that has new staff to the agency after getting ahead in this event.

Flying the Redbird Flight Simulator

“We believe we have achieved the objectives we set for ourselves, which were to arouse the attention of most people as possible, but more important is that in our stand people can learn about the academic programs we have in the ASCA, mainly for Superior Technical career air traffic controller, so we invite everyone to join the ASCA family, which is a great opportunity for any young person, “said the official.

The IDAC has spent three consecutive years participating in the Book Fair and in the two versions won the public recognition as the most eye-catching stand.

The attractions of ASCA/FAA stand include mini lectures on the management of air traffic controller, the importance of meteorological information management applied to civil aeronautics, and a chance to fly  the “Redbird” simulator among others.