By January 12, 2015FLY-INs, LOCAL NEWS

Aerial photo taken this weekend at the border Fly In Aereoclub Quisqueya conducted between Santiago and Aeroclub of SantoDomingo Naco, where about 26 aircraft participated in track Cabo Rojo, Pedernales, to promote the area touristically delas bay Eagles and promote private tourism and sport aviation in the Dominican Republic in order to attract a percentage of 60, 000 private milaviones United States and Canada who visit the Caribbean each year, especially now that they have increased Bahamas the costs of services at airports and tourism private aircraft that caused seeking other destinations.

Jim Parker Fly Ambassador of the Dominican Republic, the private aviation promoter known to attract more tourism private jets to the Caribbean, who is bringing different groups avionesa different tourist spots in the country, organized by the Civil Aviation FAA InstitutoDominicano , the Airports Department and the Ministry of Tourism, stated that tourism and airports and Dominican airfield, now have a unique opportunity to increase their air tourism private jets for what to do offensive depromociĆ³n with the hotel sector, for achieve massive success of tourism promotion in this enviable paradise island, especially after the decree of facilitating private laaviaciĆ³n issued by the Dominican government and the excellent facilities of a new center of radar and air traffic control recently inaugurated by the Dominican Institute of Aviation civil.

Jean Piert ouch, one of the leaders of the Aero Club Quisqueya guest, noted that the border event was a success and thanked members of the Aero Club Naco pilots for its partition, which was also attended by aviation authorities. It also said the Aeroclub Quisqueya, by the Cibao International Airport has been and continues to promote tourism in the country air and will attend again this year to air fairs to promote tourism in Lakeland Floridad and Oshkosh in Wiscosin.

The pilots of Santiago and Santo Domingo were received sor authorities of the City of Pedernales, moved on buses and boats to Bahia de las Aguilas and attended a lunch in the restaurant of beachfront Caves Bay.

Meanwhile the pilot Richard Polanco, member of the Aero Club of SantoDomingo Naco, thanked the treatment received by pilots and announced a new flight -Fly In- tourist promotion next February 14 the new airfield Constance with an asphalt runway 7,000 feet built to promote mountain tourism and attract foreign private planes, this unique mountain tourism region with only airport at 4,000 feet sea level sobe Caribbean, the main attraction for the drivers, with excellent parking facilities, tower control, radio, internet and visitor service supported by the Tourism Clusters Constance.