FIFA Boeing 737 Paint for Brazil’s World Cup Team

By June 19, 2014LOCAL NEWS

Os Gemeos Paints a Mural on a Boeing 737 with 1,200 Cans of Spray Paint for Brazil’s World Cup Team

You won’t miss this colourful big bird in the sky that’s for sure! Vibrant colours, from nose to tail and even the engine are painted on this 737 Boeing plane by Brazilian artist twins, Osgemeos. The pictures fittingly represents the colourful people of the Brazilian culture and are depicted in the twin artists’ styles with elongated faces, quirky outfits, colourful skin and animated expressions.

It will be transporting the Brazilian National Football team from city to city during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Games. – 

brazilian artist twins os gemeos have recently painted on an extraordinary scale, tagging the entire facade of a boeing 737, which will transport the brazilian national football team from city to city during the quickly approaching 2014 FIFA world cupdozens of portraits, meant to represent the people of the brazilian culture, are rendered in artists’ signature style: elongated faces, quirky outfits, colorful skin and animated expressions. from the tail to nose and the engines, the jet’s technological details and equipment are covered in the vibrant design, wrapping around the massive structure.

with an airplane hangar as an art studio, the duo completed the the plane piece throughout a week-long process, using about 1200 cans of spray. you can see more images at UOL, which has documented the painstaking process and spectacular result.

Os Gemeos Boeing 737 Brazil World Cup Team Photo Gallery

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