Ultralight Flying on Boca Chica Beach

By January 2, 2012LOCAL NEWS

Test Flight Video from Boca Chica Beach, near the Las Americas International by Naval Auxiliaries member and Pilot Javier de Lara, Taking off and Landing his Amphibious Ultralight.

Experimental Aircraft building and flying has presented a lot of interest in domestic and international pilots due to the attractive locations in the Dominican Republic for  amphibious and regular experimental aircraft and ultralights.

Several Dominican built airplanes have been in the international air show scene as well as international pilots that have chosen the island as bridge or  base of operations for their flying adventures.

Some Experimental / Ultralights in Dominican Republic

Oscar Imbert Lancair / “El Pollito”

One of them was famous dominican Architect Oscar Imbert, with his Yellow Lancair Legacy / HI700. The Lancair was built in Dominican Republic, and was flown into EAA’s AirVenture 2009, where  it was on display near  Air Venture main entrance gate as part of international guests of the prestigious air show.


Detlef Heun and Liliana Tragliamonte / RV-7

The couple from Argentina and Germany, Liliana Tagliamonte and Detlef Heun also chose the Dominican airports as part of their Flight around the world project. The couple are flying a modified RV-7 around the world while filming their adventure and right now are stationed at the Dominican city of Sosua in the North Shore, making the final production details to their World flight DVD. The couple’s RV -7 was also on display on EAA’s Air Venture for the last 3 years, making Wisconsin part of their journey around the globe.

Experimental / Ultralight Regulations in the Dominican Republic

Fly Dominican Republic receives many inquiries about ultralight and experimental regulations for the Dominican Republic. All ultralight regulations for the Dominican Republic are available for download from the IDAC, http://idac.gov.do/ on their RAD 103 about Ultralight aircraft.

FLYDR readers can download a public copy of the document here : RAD-103 – Vehiculos Ultralivianos