ICAO designates Dominican 2nd Vice President in Global Sumit

By October 4, 2010LOCAL NEWS

Icao World Summit 2010

MONTREAL, CANADA, september 28, 2010

Due to the Dominican Republic success in the fields of  Civil Aviation, Control and Aministration of the Dominican Air Space, the ICAO ( International Civil Aviation Administration ), with 190 member countries, has awarded Jose Tomás Perez, as  Second Vice President of the 37th ICAO World Summit. Jose Tomas is the actual Director of the IDAC and Secretary of State of the Dominican Republic.

The proposals for the new presidential gabint of the ICAO, where presented by the United States and Brasil and supported by Colombia.

The Dominican delegation headed encabezada by the Director of IDAC, José Tomás Pérez and members of the ” Junta de Aeronáutica Civil (JAC)” and the (CESA), recieved the designation together with the  permanent ambassador of the ICAO, Carlos Veras.

José Tomas Pérez, at the end of the summit thanked the members of the summit and the voting countries and stated that the achievements made in the Dominican Republic were part of the strong policy of the Dominican Government and his former president Leonel Fernández, which included better operational security, modernization of the radar systems, enhanced security of the Dominican air space and better technical personnel.

Also the Director stated that civil and commercial aviation played an important role in the development of the tourism industry of the country, already with 75,000 hotel rooms, 8 international airports, 150 commercial airlines and more than 9 million passengers yearly.

New Training facility for a bright future

The new Center of Communications and aerial navigation is closely related to the ASCA, The new Academy of Aeronautical Science, which goals is to become a high level  certified training center to provide service to the whole region.