Naval Auxiliaries 1st year Anniversary

By December 20, 2010LOCAL NEWS, PHOTOS

The Dominican Naval Auxiliaries celebrated their first anniversary of service in the Dominican Republic this past 15 of December, 2010.

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Jose Antonio Najri, “Comodoto of the Auxiliaries”, presented to the President of the Dominican Republic a “Honor al Mérito Advitam” decoration for his support to the naval auxiliaries and Dominican Navy.

Also, John Cooper, Chief of the United States Naval Auxiliaries and Eduardo Espino, representing the Puerto Rico Coast Guard were present at the event.


Franklin Polanco Sr. was awarded ” The Emergency Man of the Last 40 years” and was commentated for his emergency coordination and help in multiple operations of search, rescue, logistics and international help coordination in the last 40 years of Dominican Republic history.

The Dominican Naval Auxiliaries is a voluntary civilian organization created to assist the Dominican Navy and the general population in Search & Rescue operations and logistics in the Dominican Republic and neighbors. Also in their mission is the protection of the environment of the Dominican coastline.

The Auxiliaries played an important role in the rescue and logistics efforts since day 1 of the Haiti Earthquake in 2010.


More than 25 people lives where saved directly this past year in various air/sea rescue operations, and more the 1,000 airplanes and rescue flights where coordinated to Haiti by the AND.

The “AND” ( auxiliares Navalos Dominicanos) are integrated by more than 160 members, which have available 126 vessels, more than 10 airships including planes and helicopters.

Anthem of the Dominican Naval Auxiliaries
HIMNO AUXILIARES NAVALES / Naval Auxiliaries Anthem