OACI Trainair Plus for Dominican

By June 29, 2011LOCAL NEWS

MONTREAL, CANADA .- The Dominican Academy of Aeronautical Sciences(ASCA), attached to the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC), received the TRAINAR PLUS Certification, by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) thus becoming the first aviation training center across America to obtain this certification.

The certification was received by the secretary of state and chief of the IDAC, Dr. Alejandro Herrera, who said that such recognition was received as an incentive and a commitment to contribute to the development of aeronautical science in the Dominican Republic.

Nancy Graham, Director of the ICAO Air Navigation, delivered the certification from the accreditation board, and stressed the importance of training human resources to ensure the growth of global air transport system.

Graham warned of the need to train qualified personnel in the region and highlighted the benefits of the program TRAINAIRPLUS for a world class educational program.

With this certification, the Dominican Republic, through the ASCA, becomes an educational destination for the training of human capital of all civil aviation systems in the Americas. The country received many praises from all the delegations accredited by the international organization.